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Waiver Agreement:
The privilege of studying at Ahavas Chaim is conditional on satisfactory work and adherence to the rules and regulations of the Yeshiva. Ahavas Chaim reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student for any reason it deems sufficient. Should the student's behavior require suspension, the Yeshiva retains the right to do so. Every student is required to provide a contact in Israel responsible for him during the suspension. Although we do our best to make sure everyone is in a safe place, the Yeshiva is not responsible for a student who has been suspended. Any student who leaves or is asked to leave Ahavas Chaim early, is responsible for a further two months tuition.
Ahavas Chaim is exonerated for any loss by theft or otherwise of any personal belongings, for any personal injury incurred within the premises of Ahavas Chaim, off premises, or on any organized trip. 
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The annual tuition for the upcoming year (2015-16) is $21,000. This includes all costs except for flight travel, phone, and medical insurance. To find out about financial aid please be in touch with the office. 
(We would like to reiterate that any student who leaves or is asked to leave Ahavas Chaim early, is responsible for a further two months tuition.)
By clicking the YES button below you are certifying that you agree to pay the tuition amount above, unless a different agreement with the administrator is agreed upon. 


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